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Salary Survey 2018 in PDF format.

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Note: This is last year’s Survey sold as a PDF file.

Pilots, flight department managers, compensation specialists, and aspiring aviators will value our unique analysis of the salary, benefits, and work life of pilots employed in the business aviation sector.

This 2018 edition, our 16th, provides valuable compensation and work life information found no where else.

It covers Part 91 and 135 pilots employed by:

  • Public corporations
  • Private companies
  • High net worth individuals
  • Aircraft management companies
  • Charter companies

Salaries are analyzed by:

  • Title
  • Aircraft class
  • Employer type
  • Type flight operations
  • Aircraft type
  • …and many more categories!

Additional information includes:

  • Benefits received
  • Cash bonuses
  • Total Cash Compensation
  • Block Hours Flown
  • Current Labor Market
  • Job Satisfaction Levels
  • …and more job related topics!

The Survey is available for purchase in PDF format ($35).

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Adobe Reader X (2010) or newer version required.
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